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Boxing is an excellent form of exercise that combines physical strength, agility, and skill.  looking to strike a heavy bag or sparring with an opponent? Boxing is a great way to get in shape, as it helps build fast muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, and improve coordination. Boxing a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.  Come join us for an effective way to relieve stress and build self-confidence.

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Find the right boxing gym for you

Come join our Boxing classes in Richmond Hill!  Experience the benefits of this amazing sport. Boxing is an excellent way to boost your physical and mental health as well as build self-confidence and self-discipline.

Our many classes offer experienced instructors that guide you through the drills and techniques. Whether you want to learn boxing for fun, fitness, or even to compete, our classes are the perfect place to start!

The Martial Arts Training Centre - the best in boxing

The Martial Arts Training Centre's boxing facility is world class! We provide top-of-the-line instruction, facility and equipment, as well as a positive and encouraging environment. Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable, with access to state of the art equipment.

Our facility is well-maintained and provides a comfortable, clean, and spacious atmosphere for our boxers. We strive to create an atmosphere of respect and humility, and we work to ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported.

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