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The M.A.T. Centre’s adult Classes are designed to build good character, self-confidence, respect, sportsmanship and leadership skills.  Adult programs include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. Our goals are to work with each member individually to ensure each member gets what they need out of our adult programs.

Our program offers:

  • Classes up to 8 times per week
  • self-defense
  • respect
  • fun way to exercise
  • personal management skills
adult grading black belt

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BOREDOM is the number one reason people stop working out! And that boredom is caused by lame exercises and routines that get old and stale.

So we have worked hard to create a workout that is NEVER boring… and ALWAYS fun, engaging, challenging, and exciting.

The result is a Pad smashing, adrenaline filled workout that ANYONE can do – no matter what age or fitness level you are. You strap on your boxing gloves and learn real moves that make you feel like a superstar.   Get lean and toned like a fighter (without ever having to get hit!).

But The Martial Arts Training Centre offers so much more!

This is where you’ll find a COMMUNITY among positive, inspiring people who fight every day to make their bodies and their lives better through consistent and sustained effort and improvement.

Our accountable passionate instructors really do care about you and your goals – and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve them.

Welcome to your new HOME for motivation – and continuing to become a better you.

Mixed Martial Arts: an extension of your everyday life

Brazilian jiu-jitsu students are a collection of almost every type of person you can think of – doctors, lawyers, students, law enforcement, businesspersons. Every day they walk into The Martial Arts Training Centre for the same reason – to get better at BJJ. These same people walk into the academy everyday to improve their overall health, flexibility, and decrease stress levels. They may not be thinking about the many benefits of BJJ that are not seen, but it does not matter if they can see them  – they are happening. For us here at The Martial Arts Training Centre what you can’t see is really what the Brazilian jiu-jitsu is all about. It’s taking the lessons learned on the mat and applying them to your everyday life.

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